Every child has the right to

Sleep Safe Sleep Sweet

Our initiative is to get our young people in the Tweed region affected by homelessness to a place where they can not only stabilise their lives but with help realise that they are valued and active members of our community.

By implementing and applying the tools and initiatives required we hope to transition these kids from hopelessness and homelessness to independent living which doesn’t mean “alone”.

This means being able to finish school, enter the workforce, learn living and working skills, sitting at a table with people who care and are interested in talking to them and encouraging them, turning their lives into a life worth living.

By providing a HOME not just somewhere they get cleaned up and sent back out to the street or parks or couch surfing to spend another day in a cycle they have been conditioned to rather than following through with housing that gives these kids that didn’t ask to be born or raised in unsafe violent abusive conditions, hope that they can and are worth saving by teaching them that no matter who they are or what suburb they come from that they can go on to live productive lives therefore breaking the cycle.



Goldsky Asset Management as the major sponsor will contribute an initial $100,000.00 in funding to secure premises, Goldsky will then donate 25% of its client management fee to SSSS on an ongoing basis. SSSS will also host Bi Annual fundraising events to raise additional funding

Tweed Shire



During the 2014 reform of the NSW Specialist Homelessness Services program, Tweed Shire lost 12 Housing NSW beds previously allocated to homeless young people.


Tweed Shire has the lowest number of supported accommodation options for homeless young people in NSW. There are only two houses with two bedrooms in each property allocated by Housing NSW as supported transitional accommodation for young people in the Tweed Shire.


Just 4 beds are available to meet the needs of over 300 homeless young people and accompanying children.


The Tweed Shire has a population of over 90,000 people and one of the highest homelessness rates in NSW and is ranked 10th worldwide.

Our Seven Steps
to success
  • 1.Step by step

    One foot in front of the other, when the kids come through our doors they’ll be greeted with a warm caring smile and someone they can trust. They will be LISTENED to. We want them to not just see but believe that this is a safe place and there is no judgement, they are who they are and that’s ok and by the time they’ve had their needs tended to that they can and hopefully see that all we want is for these kids to realise it’s possible to have hope and believe that the best version of themselves is who we want them to be and for some of these kids if not most, they don’t even know who that is, yet. So, that’s why we get them to have a shower and hop into some jammies and breathe.

  • 2.What's your style

    Here is where kids can choose some clothes, a few different outfits, their style and a gentle suggestion of something different as well. Changing your style or your hair changes how you feel and your attitude and until someone experiences this it’s hard to understand but it works but until you try it you’ll never know, so let’s try.

  • 3.Walk in my shoes

    In this room an array of footwear for the kids to choose and as with their new threads, these are theirs to keep.

  • 4.Pretty and essential (Personal Hygiene)

    Soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, tampons, pads, condoms, underwear a brush, a comb, hair styling products, make-up and a toiletries bag.

  • 5.Sleep suites

    The combo suite, this is where the kids can bunk in together if they’ve arrived as a couple or just buddies and feel safer being together rather than alone, however we will have “single suites” a comfy bed a night light, a room for one. Sleep Suites are not permanent accommodation it’s a stepping stone and the beginning of a new life for our street and lost kids but we are extending this further.

  • 6.Moving on up-the transition

    A facility for young people to have a chance to maintain education or employment options and build on existing living skills through our living skills program.

  • 7.Taking control of your own life: transitional accomodation for youth

    SSSS will head lease units from real estate agencies as the need arises. Young people in the Transitional Program are responsible for

    • Adhering to a lease contract
    • Budgeting
    • Life Skills - paying rent, cooking, cleaning
    • Attending employment or education
    • Conflict resolution with housemates

    Residents of the transitional units are supported with these responsibilities as they work towards fully independent living.

these kids

need our help!

We live in Australia and we are called the lucky country so why is it that every day every night we have kids, youth on the streets or attempting to seek help and accommodation from many of the already existing “care centres” that do not have enough beds or funding to extend the assistance they need?

By providing not just another Band-Aid like our government seems to be very good at applying Goldsky Asset Management owners Ken and Jane Grace are launching SLEEP SAFE SLEEP SWEET to rip these Band-Aids off and start something that will show our government that this is a national priority.